After you've had your orientation to the float room and picked out a musical selection (or silence), you'll close the door to the room and have privacy for the next 100 minutes.

Here's your order of business:

USE THE TOILET IF NEEDED. You can always get out of the tub and use it during your float, as well (don't pee in the tub!), BUT PLEASE BE EXTRA CAREFUL. The floor is skid resistant, but with all that salt on you, it can still be a bit slippery.

 2) UNDRESS & PUT IN A SET OF SILICONE EARPLUGS, if you like. They will keep the salt water out of your ears, and actually allow you to hear the music more clearly!

Also make sure at this point that the vanity light over the sink is switched OFF.
This light is NOT connected to the switch in the tub, so make sure you leave it OFF before you float. 

SHOWER IN THE SHOWER STALL. Please don't use hair products before floating. They are there for you when you get out. Please be sure to thoroughly rinse off any dirt and grime AND any of the body wash you apply. Thank you, this keeps the tub pristine.

ENTER THE TUB using the step and wall-attached safety rails. The bottom surface of the tub is non-skid. Gently lower yourself into a seated position in the tub.

LIE BACK and use your hands and feet to position yourself into the middle of the tub. Take a few deep breaths while you allow the water in the tub to settle back to stillness. This way you won't be pushed around and you won't drift. When both you and the water have quieted down, you can let go of the walls and start floating.

The two white "airswitches" on your right control the music and the lights. The switch further from your head is the light switch. You can turn it off and on as much as you need. The switch closer to your head only cuts off the music if you have chosen a soundtrack. It is a mute button only.

FLOAT. As you get used to the buoyancy of the water, check to make sure you are not holding your neck tensed. Allow the water to hold up your head, and your head to loll back naturally.  While it is good to remain still initially as your body relaxes in the weightlessness, if you discover tense areas and want to shift the position of your arms or legs, do so slowly and gently, to minimize water disturbance. Explore how your body feels most at ease.

 7) At the end of the float
THE SOUNDTRACK WILL STOP (OR GENTLE MUSIC WILL COME IN) to signal the conclusion. You can turn on the lights via the switch. The lights can also be turned on from outside the room, but I will only do that if there are no signs that you are proceeding to the shower. (Occasionally people do fall asleep while floating, but it's pretty rare.)

 8) EXIT THE TUB & SHOWER OFF the salt water thoroughly. Make sure to get all of your hair and around your ears and neck. Feel free to use the provided bath products. Towel dry; please put used towels into the provided hamper. There is a hairdryer for your convenience, but you must provide your own comb or brush.

DRESS and come out to the foyer where I'll have a water or tea waiting for you. If you're so inspired, please create a drawing, poem, or other musings in our provided guest book.




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