Sedona Sacred REST

Floatation REST
We have the area's only available float tub room, a personal oasis where you can explore the buoyant, profound relaxation of your inner wellspring.

*a variety of sound therapy options may be incorporated, at your discretion* 

Chamber REST
We also have a separate space for "dry REST"-- a stimulus-reduced room with temperature-controlled waterbed for encouraging deep relaxation along with cognitive revitalization.

*again, sound therapy options, including goal-specific guided meditations, are available for this space, at your discretion*


Vibrational Massage
Experience a powerful sound bath as specially designed singing bowls are placed along the spine and limbs and resonated deeply into the tissues of the body. This gentle yet potent experience encourages physical relaxation and vital motility, and can induce deep mental relaxation, including restorative sleep and hypnagogia.

What We Offer

About Our Work

Dr. Phillips' book & audio entrainment CD

Bryan Phillips, Ph.D.

Sedona Sacred REST is the vision of Bryan Phillips, a scholar of religion and former university administrator in the emergent field of contemplative sciences. Dr. Phillips has witnessed firsthand the transformative results of deep meditative states, yogic and other breath-based practices, shamanic healings, and floatation REST. You may elect to explore his developing protocol, Holistic Cognitive Integration, engage in a traditional protocol from one of the world's many ancient wisdom traditions, or bring your own creative vision to your experience.

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